Oriel's Journal

And so to rehearsals...at first I am torn between wondering if we have been mistaken for real dancers [?!]- the way the number of steps & sequences to learn come so fast and it’s so hard to remember the order especially when Zoobin is still running through possibilities, so we do it one way then another, then back again - and the understanding that Zoobin has done this many times before and it will work out in time, we just need to have confidence that it will...& if anyone expresses their doubts this is what I tell them...

And little by little, miraculously this begins to happen -each week is an improvement and I notice that it is easier to absorb new sequences as we go on...I watch dancers crossing the floor in travelling sequences and I see how much better it is the second then third time through... & we no longer lose all shape [and direction!] when we have to dance at actual speed... this is progress!

Meanwhile it is difficult to practice and I keep running through the dance in my head to try to commit it to memory...in week 5 it is good enough to film and this is a great help as I have to miss this week for an important work do…turning up week 6 I am nervous at what I might have missed & will I still be able to keep up...it’s not as bad as I feared except the new element of ‘dance positions’ has been added so that instead of wandering off in random directions we have to know where we are going & get there within the time allowed…I don’t have to move very far as it turns out but some people have to make giant steps- elegantly!

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