Chesney's Journal

I cant believe that the show is creeping up, I don't want it to end. I'm having such an amazing time throughout our rehearsals, it has been very stressful and hard work but I've enjoyed every second of it and it's been completely worth it. I've come home and my body has been aching, all different muscles I didn't even realise I was using. I absolutely love the routine it's so enjoyable, I hate it when the class is over, it goes too quickly.  

We all seem to be getting to grips with the routine now which is good and from what I can see in the mirror its looking really good. I sometimes wish we had more rehearsal time but that's really just so I can do more of the routine or even learn something else as well. Ha ha ha! I'm just being greedy!. I am now definitely looking forward to seeing the costumes and trying them on. Hopefully I've lost weight from these rehearsal and it will fit perfectly. 
Really excited for the show now. Bring it on! 😃

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